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Bad experience

I subscribed a healt insurance as Allianz employee once I started to work in Munich in January 2014.
After few week I had a health problem ad the doctors thought thai it was a thrombosis. After further exams at the end of march it was diagnosed a Non-Hodgkin lymphoma ( a malignant tumor).
Now I'm doing a chemotherapy treatment but in the meantime the insurance thinks I have hidden disease. I assured that this is not true and at the end Allianz ended the contract because I have not declared a period of illness I had last year (depression), even though I had listed all the diseases had in my life, because I was asked what kind of physical problems I had.
Now I don't have health insurance in the middle of my therapy.
as Allianz employee I'm totally disappointed for what is happening
Really a bad experience.

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  • Freitag, 11.07.2014 um 13:40 Uhr
Hello Mr. Pilato,

I am sorry to hear that you made a bad experience and hope you get well again very soon.
I have to admit, that your case sounds complex and I hope you do understand, that with the given insights, it's hard for me to tell, what went wrong and what not.

If you send me an e-Mail with your insurance number and your full contact details to allianzhilft.dialog@allianz.de, I'll pass your matter to my responsible colleagues and will keep an eye on it.

I hope this sounds good for you and again send you my best wishes, that you get well again very soon.

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  • Freitag, 11.07.2014 um 14:01 Uhr
Thank you for you answer.
Now the problem is another one. I cannot have a "gesetzlicherversicherung" because of my income.
Good Job Allianz!
  • Freitag, 11.07.2014 um 14:40 Uhr
Hello Mr. Pilato,

thanks for your e-Mail. As promised, I will let my colleagues look into it.
If you have further questions please don´t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Best, David
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