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Steel Corleone

After lying 200€ I get only 21€ as my benefits after Kündigung

I’m very disappointed and I will never forget this day.These bank official deceived me to buy this package which initially they said 25€ but be fore I know it was 50€ per month.I wrote to them after a month that I lost my job and should be paused but they did not heed to the call but kept deducting till I sent them a termination of contract.And after that all I could receive from them is 21€ for the 4months I have paid.How is that?i regret so much 
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  • Samstag, 29.05.2021 um 15:41 Uhr
Hello Steel Corleone,

thank you for your message.

In order for us to assist you, please let us know what exactly you are concerned about.

To do so, please send us your insurance number, full contact information, and username to allianzhilft.dialog@allianz.de and we'll go from there together.

We would be happy to hear back from you.

Best regards
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  • Donnerstag, 03.06.2021 um 11:05 Uhr
Hello Steel Corleone,

Unfortunately, we have not received an email from you. I therefore assume that you was able to resolve your issue in a different way.
If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes
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