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Madiha Zafar

Auto Versicherung

I have insured my car, and the guy told me that I have to pay whole amount in one go and also in cash, i.e 700 € . Can you please justify it whats this? Even the Court and all other departments offer installments but not the alliance. like seriously, it could be the half of the salary of one person and you are asking to pay it altogether. I need your special concern in this regard.
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  • Montag, 15.04.2019 um 11:34 Uhr
Hello Madiha Zafar,

I would like to take a closer look at the facts. I need your support for that. Send me your contact details and the insurance number


Give me your username in this message. This is for better allocation. In addition, we are then in the data-protected area and continue from there together.

Best regards,
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  • Montag, 15.04.2019 um 11:43 Uhr
  • Montag, 15.04.2019 um 11:46 Uhr
Hello Madiha Zafar.

thank you We have received your message and we will reply shortly.

Best regards,
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