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Position der Allianz RiesterRente

Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to conclude a contract with Allianz RiesterRente, but I have a question: Can I transfer my private old-age provision from Italy and integrate it into the RiesterRente? how does it work ? This is because I was hired by a company in Germany and I receive an AVWL contribution from my company.

Finally, what if after 2 years of tax contribution in Germany, if I want to transfer my entire position back to Italy, am I able to do so? Thanks in advance

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  • Samstag, 03.09.2022 um 08:29 Uhr
hello stefromeo, 

I am pleased to read that you are interested in pension insurance at Allianz.

To take out life or pension insurance, your main residence (centre of life) must be in Germany. 

But: We, the Allianz, are represented worldwide. 

You are welcome to find out more with your Allianz colleagues in Italy.
Without knowing your exact health and pension situation, it is unfortunately very difficult to make an offer for a life or pension insurance. 

Since it is not clear from your contribution where you have your new home.

The colleagues can then advise you on a suitable pension plan and inform you about the exact possibilities for taking out / taking over a life or pension insurance with us. 

I hope that I was able to help. 

Best regards and a nice weekend


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