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Cancellation of contract (help in English)


I am sorry to write in English, I do not speak German very well.

I currently own an Allianz pension contract and asked for cancellation
as I now live in France. I received a letter asking me for some
documents, and I have questions about it as I do not understand

- I am supposed to be receiving the money of my contract back. Do I have
to pay taxes on it? If yes, will it be deducted automatically?

- I am asked to fill in a document called "Kranken-
und Pflegeversicherungsbeiträge aus Versorgungsbezügen", but as I
do not have social security in Germany anymore, what am I supposed to
write in it? My previous social security organization that I had when I
was living in Germany or my current one in France?

I have tried to send emails and to use the Live Chat, but I did not receive any reply so far, so
I would be happy if somebody could help me with this.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thank you and best regards,


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  • Dienstag, 24.01.2023 um 16:12 Uhr
  • zuletzt editiert von Loreen.
Hello Natacha,

In order for us to help you, we need to look at your contract.

Please message us for that
- Your contract number 

- Your former address in Germany
- Your current address in France
- Your username here in the forum

by email to allianzhilft.dialog@allianz.de

Best regards

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  • Dienstag, 24.01.2023 um 17:13 Uhr
Hello Corny,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Understood, I will write the requested information to the email address you provided.

Best regards,
  • Dienstag, 24.01.2023 um 17:34 Uhr
Hello Natacha,

Your email has arrived. We will get back to you via email.

Best regards
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  • Mittwoch, 25.01.2023 um 20:32 Uhr

Hello Natacha,

I have already sent you a separate response to your enquiry via e-mail.

Was I able to help you further?

If this is not the case, please contact us again.

Alternatively, you can reach the responsible colleague by telephone on the toll-free number (from the German network) 0800 41 00 104 (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.) or from abroad on 0049 89 20700 2900.

Best regards and have a nice evening 


For our fellow readers:

  • Allianz direct insurance is a form of company pension scheme (bAV) that you can use to supplement your old-age provision. The employer determines the basic structure of the occupational pension scheme. This includes, for example, the pension concepts that can be selected, the guarantee level and the possible additional modules from which you as an employee can then choose. In Germany, employees subject to pension insurance have a legal right to contribute parts of their salary to a company pension scheme. You can choose between two types of subsidies. In the case of gross salary conversion, the contribution is exempt from taxes and social security contributions. With the so-called Riester subsidy, you receive allowances and, if applicable, a deduction for special expenses.

  • In the case of gross salary conversion, which is exempt from social security contributions, the employer is obliged to make a statutory employer contribution by passing on the saved social security contributions of up to 15% to the employee.
  • Allianz offers different pension concepts for the capital investment, there is a choice between security-oriented and opportunity-oriented options. You are also free to choose at the start of your pension: lifelong pension, one-off lump-sum payment or both. 

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  • Donnerstag, 26.01.2023 um 15:00 Uhr
Hello Loreen,

Thank you for your message! I just replied to it.

Best regards,